Four Reasons To Switch To Glass

a toke bottle in the woods

Did you know that smoking bottle tokes in a plastic bottle could have a negative effects on your health? In fact, the heat imitated from a (cigarette / knife) that are used to burn hash, a hash toke that got dropped inside the bottle or even the smoke inside of the bottle could cause some plastic to burn and create some plastic fumes that will mix inside your bottle. Inhaling those plastic fumes could cause some serious health problems in the future. 

1 - The solution to avoid these problems is simple, stop using a plastic bottle and switch to using a glass bottle. Smoking in a glass bottle ensures that you will never smoke any harmful plastic fume. You won't have too worry about burning a glass bottle as the boiling point of glass is much higher than any heat you will use for your BT's.

2 - Glass will also gives your smoke a better taste and will make your hits a lot smoother than a plastic bottle. Once you try it, you will never want to smoke in plastic again!

3 - Buying a plastic bottles in order to use it for bottle tokes contributes to the millions of plastic bottles thrown away in oceans, parks, rivers and landfills each year. Switching to glass is a better choice for the planet as it eliminates the use of single use plastic bottles that will get thrown out, and replaces it with a nice re-usable glass bottle. You can wash a dirty toke bottle in order to re-use it for as long as you like! Feel free to check out our : How to wash an old toke bottle guide if you want to learn more on how to wash a dirty glass toke bottle. 

4 - Our bottles we're crafted for one purpose only : To smoke bottle tokes. We have chosen the best bottle shape for BT's and have made a hole of the perfect size. It just feels and looks so much better than a plastic bottle.


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