How to smoke hash? - Make Bottle tokes / BT'S using a joint

Making bottle tokes

One of the best ways to smoke hash is by making BT'S also known as bottle tokes. BT'S are made by using the cherry of a joint or cigarette to burn small pieces of hash inside of a toke bottle.

This method of smoking hash is mostly seen in Quebec and other parts of Canada. However, it's gaining more and more popularity around the world due to the fact that the cost of the materials required to perform BT'S are much cheaper than the cost of most other ways to smoke cannabis concentrates and, because of how easy it is to carry with you the tools needed to smoke. Social smokers who often go out to "Chill" at theirs friends place and/or smoke outside will often prefer smoking bottle tokes as it's easier to carry than a bong or dabber.

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about bottle tokes and how you can use this method to smoke hash and/or other cannabis concentrate.

Tools & Supplies

  • Toke bottle
  • Joint
  • Hash
  • Lighter
  • Rolling tray / Piece of wood (Optional)

They are a few different tools you can use to make BT'S, so you can chose which ever one your prefer and/or have at your disposal.

How to smoke bottle tokes (Joint method)

For the purpose of this example, we will be using a glass toke bottle, a joint and a lighter in order to smoke some hash. Please note that they're other methods of consumption possible.



Take out all your tools and supplies.

Cut the hash into small pieces.

Place the small pieces of hash on a hard surface. (Table or rolling tray)

Light up the joint and take a few tokes from it.

Roll the tip of the joint in an ashtray to make a nice cherry.

Step 1 : Preparation - Make bottle tokes

The first step is to take out all of your tools and supplies. Bottle tokes require a hard surface like a counter that will be used to put the pieces of hash unto so that they can be scooped up with the joint. A piece of wood or a rolling tray can be used as an alternative surface if you don't have a counter or a hard surface where you're smoking, and/or are scared that you might damage the surface you will be using to smoke. You will ideally want to find a place where you have a nice surface you can use while sitting down in a comfortable position.

Once you have decided on the perfect spot to make your sesh. Grab your hash and cut some small pieces off of it (Approximately the size of a small or big booger). For beginners,  we recommend trying to cut the hash into smaller pieces as they tend to be easier to pick up with the joint in the next step. You can pre-cut all of the pieces of hash as you will want to smoke ahead in this step. 

Then, grab the joint and light it up. You will need to take a few tokes on it before making BT'S as to get a cherry going on your joint. Once you start seeing a cherry, roll the tip of the joint into an ashtray to remove excess and make the cherry nice and clear. Getting a good cherry is important as it will help you have an easier time with the second step.  

Tip : A "cherry" is the lite part of the joint where the marijuana is burning. This end is often referred to as the cherry because of the Red/Orange glow it has while burning.
Tip : If your hash has a hard texture and you're having a hard time cutting it into smaller pieces. Try holding it in your hands for a few minutes and/or applying heat gently with your lighter in order to make it become softer. This should help make it easier to cut into small pieces.

Scooping the hash

Grab the joint.

Use the cherry of the joint to scoop up one of the pieces of hash.

Wait until the hash starts to burn and create smoke.

Once you’re finished with the preparations, grab your joint and use the lite part of the joint to scoop up one of the small pieces of hash. To do this, put the cherry of the joint onto the piece of hash for around 0.2 to 0.5 sec. The heat will soften up the hash and make it stick to the cherry. You will then need to quickly flip the joint upside down by performing a scooping motion. The end goal is for the puff to be sitting on top of the cherry after you've scooped it.

All of those steps should be made in one motion that starts at the top, stops shortly on the piece of hash and finishes up once again with the piece of hash sitting on top of the cherry. Scooping the puffs may prove difficult at first but it becomes very easy to perform once you get the hang of it.

After you've succeeded in completing the scoop motion, hold the joint and wait for the puff to start smoking (emitting smoke). This may take anywhere from 0 sec to 10 sec depending on the type of concentrate you're using. (For example, Wax/Shatter will usually start emitting smoke right away while hash may take a few seconds before it starts emitting smoke...)

Tip : Joints that have been rolled very tightly tend to make a nicer cherry. We recommend using a rolling machine to roll your joints and to make it as compact as possible and/or to use a pre-rolled joint.

Cooking the hash

Grab your toke bottle.

Carefully insert the cherry of the joint into the hole of the toke bottle.

Hold it there until the hash as completely stopped smoking.

Remove the joint from inside of the bottle.

Once the hash has started to smoke, grab your toke bottle and insert the cherry of the joint into the hole located on the side of the toke bottle. The smoke coming out of the puffs and the joint will now accumulate inside of the bottle and it will start to fill up. Wait until the hash has completely stopped smoking, remove the joint from the hole of the bottle and put it aside.

Tip : Hash puffs tend to burn for around 30 to 45 seconds.

After the joint has been removed from the hole of the bottle, quickly place your thumb on the hole in order to prevent the smoke from coming out of it. This hole is now used as a "choke" to help you control the flow of the air inside of the bottle so it's important to keep a finger on after you've removed the joint so as to not let any smoke come out of the bottle before you're ready to take your hit.


Smoking the hash

Remove the cap.

Remove your finger from the hole.

Place your mouth on the top of the bottle and inhale!

Don't forget to exhale 😜

Step 4 : Smoking the hash. Make bottle tokes

The toke bottle should be full of smoke by the time you reach this step. So, the moment has finally arrived to take your first BT. To do this, you will need to remove the cap from the top of the toke bottle and remove your finger from the hole on the side of the bottle.

Finally, all that's left to do is to put your mouth on the top of the bottle as if you were drinking and inhale all of the smoke it contains. You can always repeat this process starting from step 2 if you want to have more than one hit

If you'd like to know more about other types of cannabis concentrate that can be smoked in a toke bottle, feel free to refer to our guide on : Which cannabis concentrate can you smoke in a toke bottle?

Disclaimer : Remember to smoke responsibly and to be careful as to not underestimate the potency of the cannabis concentrate you're smoking. We recommend contacting your Budtender and/or doctor if you have any concerns related to how many hash pieces you should smoke.
Disclaimer : Always be careful as to not burn yourself and/or your surrounding.

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