How to wash an old toke bottle?

toke bottle splashing in water

Glass toke bottles can end up really messy, especially if you've kept the same bottle for a long period of time. This is why, you might want to clean it after a few sessions if you plan on re-using it over and over again. This guide will help you understand how you can clean an old bottle.There are many ways you can go about cleaning your toke bottle but this strategy seems to be the one that works the best for us! 

Tools & Supplies

  • Dirty Toke bottle
  • Bong cleaner solution
  • Sink with warm water
  • Gloves

How to wash your toke bottle



Put on your gloves

Remove the cap from the toke bottle



Pour a bit of bong cleaner solution inside of your toke bottle

Put your thumb on the hole of the toke bottle in order to keep the water from coming out

Fill the bottle with hot water and let it soak for 2-3 mins

Put the cap back on your toke bottle

Shake your bottle well



Remove the cap and drain the water in the sink

Rinse your bottle with warm water



Let the bottle dry for 4 to 6 hours

Make sure no humidity is left for better tasting bottle tokes

After this, your toke bottle should be pretty clean and ready for another smoke session. If your bottle isn't as clean as you would like it to be, you can always repeat this process in order to remove all of the remaining res from the bottle. 

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