Which cannabis concentrate can you smoke in a toke bottle?

Man smoking tokes in toke bottle

Glass toke bottles can be used to smoke a few different types of cannabis concentrate. The most common concentrate used to perform bottle tokes are bubble hash, wax / shatter.


1. Bubble hash

Bubble hash is by far the most popular cannabis concentrate used to perform bottle tokes. It's one of the easiest concentrate to smoke in a toke bottle as the soft texture makes it easy to manipulate and makes your "hash puffs" easier to scoop up. Is texture makes it the easiest concentrate to use to perform bottle toke. The high THC content of bubble hash makes it so you won't have to smoke many bottle hits before you get really high! :) 


2. Wax / Shatter : 

Wax / Shatter is another popular concentrate that's often chosen to smoke bottle tokes. It's textures makes it harder to use than hash as it tends to be very sticky and melts easily with very little heat. This can sometimes make it hard to scoop your "puffs" as the wax / shatter can become liquid and stick to the surface you have put your "puffs" on instead of the hot knife you're trying to grab it with.

We recommend putting your wax / shatter inside a freezer for at least 30 to 45 min and/or cutting your "puffs" on an ice pack  to ensure that it stays as cold as possible before you attempt to scoop it up. This will reduce the amount of concentrate wasted in the process and will make it way easier to scoop your "puffs".

The THC content of wax / shatter is by far the highest out of all the other concentrates you can smoke in a toke bottle. This makes for some really strong hits that are guaranteed to get you super baked. 


These are the most common types of concentrate used to smoke in a toke bottle. But, it is also possible to use a toke bottle to smoke : pressed hash, Kief, cannabis oil and many other cannabis concentrate. 



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